Olive oil

Slovenian Istria is one of the northernmost landscapes, where olive trees still grows due to the Mediterranean climate. Here olive oil is recognized for its special aroma and is highly appreciated by the favorable composition of fatty acids.

The fruits are carefully hand-picked from the trees to ensure their integrity, which by the cold pressing process give the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Aurum Adriaticum is characterized by a pleasant bitterness and piquancy of medium intensity due to the high content of antioxidants (biofenols) and distinct fruit notes of green apples. We can also perceive the aroma of almonds, grass, artichokes and tomatoes, which is typical for the variety of »Istrian Belica«, which prevails in our oil.

The quality of our extra virgin olive oil is regularly checked by chemical analyzes in the world-renowned Laboratory of the Institute of Oliveculture, ZRS Koper, Slovenia.

Because of the golden shade of olive oil that Homer called "liquid gold", we decided to add to our oil the flakes of 24-carat gold to create a product of highest quality. We have combined two elements that have symbolized wealth and luxury since antiquity.

Aurum Adriaticum is a precious extra virgin olive oil with the shine of 24-carat golden flakes.


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